Good landscape comes from good landuse. Careful, considered, responsible – whether it is landscape protection, development, and everything in between. Seeking appropriate outcomes”.

Jeremy Head is a Registered NZILA Landscape Architect with over 21 years’ experience spread across the fields of landscape planning, design and education.

Jeremy has been exposed to an exciting and diverse client base spanning the length and breadth of the country. Jeremy has fostered a professional appreciation of our varied physical and cultural landscapes, rural and urban, their inherent values, issues and likely appropriate and acceptable solutions for change.


Applications for Resource Consent:
•    Succinct written statements outlining relevant aspects of the proposal.
•    Clear evidence on how the Objectives and Policies of the statutory authority will be met.
•    Complimented with relevant, instructive and compelling graphic appendices.

Landscape / Visual Assessments:
•    Robust landscape assessment following a thorough site analysis.
•    Clear articulation of the crux of the proposal.
•    Discussion on any potential effects on the site and landscape context.
•    Worded clearly for the layperson to understand.
•    Supported with excellent graphic appendices appropriate to the Council Hearing forum.

Preparation of Expert Witness Evidence:
•    Well-prepared, accurate and professionally presented evidence.
•    Effective and courteous liaison with other experts and professionals.
•    High quality, accurate graphic appendices.
•    Rigorously maintaining independence and objectivity.
•    Clear communication of objective opinion.
•    Awareness that primary duty is to assist the Court.


nzila_rla_cmyk [Converted]Jeremy Head Registered NZILA Landscape Architect is an expert in the field of Landscape Architecture and can supply professional assistance to you or your team with confidence, and a commitment to delivering positive results.