Earthquake Repairs

master planIf you have had damage to your landscape caused by the earthquakes, this may be a great opportunity to make general improvements to your outdoor areas while there will be disruption during insurance repair works. Residing in Sumner (with my own home faced with a full rebuild) and having designed considerably for clients on difficult sites, I can offer the following assistance:

  • Practical knowledge of the insurance industry and their processes.
  • Existing working relationships with surveyors and structural engineers.
  • An ability to work collaboratively with engineers, project managers and insurance company representatives while keeping the overall goal for you foremost in mind.
  • Preparing graphic resources (plans, elevations, 3D sketches) that help communicate your design intentions to the insurance sector. Rather than let your landscape outcomes be “engineer- led”.
  • Guidance through City Plan matters (e.g. recession planes, setbacks, consenting).
  • Knowledge of the NZ Building Code (e.g. latest requirements for balustrading, fencing).
  • Design options (and cost implications) of different types of retaining wall structures.
  • Accurate scoping of works, costings. What should be replaced by your insurer and what is betterment.
  • Advocacy on your behalf to the insurance sector to ensure your intentions are met.